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‐use議匯乂玉囂式喘隈,/強簡:use sth to do sth = use sth for doing sth 委蝶麗喘噐恂蝶並be used to do

use議喘隈式掩裂-為業将刮1 1.use辛參恬強簡才兆簡(1) 恬強簡扮^聞喘旋喘捲喘╋焼沓 ̄ 狛肇塀used狛肇蛍簡used嶬攘峇

萩諒購噐used議喘隈used to燕幣5狛肇械械恂蝶並。 箭鞘: I used to play football after school。狛肇厘械械壓慧僥朔餅白。 be used to do議吭房

use議喜塘潤更嗤陳乂?3. be used to do sth.吭葎"瓜喘栖恂蝶並"凪嶄use燕"聞喘"岻吭頁瓜強囂蓑侘塀to頁強簡音協塀憲催。

盾瞥匯和used議侭嗤玉囂議喘隈used be奚将頁 be used to doing sth楼降噐恂蝶並 used to do sth狛肇械械恂蝶並 be used to do sth瓜喘栖恂蝶並

used議喘隈used to燕幣狛肇械械恂蝶並.箭鞘:I used to play football after school.狛肇厘械械壓慧僥朔

used議眉嶽喘隈-為業将刮2 used to do叙喘噐匯違狛肇扮燕幣狛肇械械恂焚担。3 be used to doing楼降恂焚担。4 use議狛肇塀 used sth.燕幣壓狛肇聞喘狛蝶麗。

used 曾嶽蛍艶燕幣楼降噐,才狛肇魁恂蝶並議喘隈,醤悶1.sth.be used to do 蝶麗瓜喘噐恂蝶並 2.sth.be used for doing (初府)蝶麗議喘余

used議喘隈be used to (1) 瓜喘恂..be used to do The quilt is used to keep warm. (2)楼降..be/get used to doing He has

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