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occupy的用法是什么?2、occupy只用作及物动词,接名词或代词作宾语。3、occupy常用于occupy oneself in/with v -ing句型中

occupy是什么意思occupy in 忙于,从事于 occupy oneself in sth 从事〔忙于〕某事 occupy in thinking 沉思着 occupy with 全力从事 occupy

occupy是什么意思?和什么词搭配使用?2、occupy只用作及物动词,接名词或代词作宾语。occupy常用于occupy oneself in/with v -ing句型中表示

be occupy with 什么意思be occupy with 忙于 Examples:My mind has been too occupied with moving house to think about a holiday.我的脑子里一直想着

occupy的用法Footballoccupies most of my leisure time.足球占去我大多数闲暇时间。occupy somebodywith/(in doing) something使某人忙于 Only

occupied什么意思啊?occupied.adj.已占用的;使用中的;无空闲的 v.占有(occupy的过去分词) occupied area 占地

像be occupied with这类词组,是不是没有用进行时态的啊是的~因为occupy是个瞬间动词~不可能正在被占有~要么说has been occupied 或者is occupied 还有很多这样的瞬间动词:stop,start等~

the boy,(occupy)with his work everyday回答:C 分 析: 考查形容词短语。Be occupied with…忙于…;本题使用了形容词短语occupied with his school work 来修饰主语the

请问:occupy后跟什么介词,意思等于take up(占用、占有be occupied by 被占据occupy oneself with sth 从事于in possession of =take possession of

___ (occupy) herself with routine tasks,she had no10.Occupying,考查现在分词充当状语的用法,occupy oneself with sth."忙于做某事",occupy与其逻辑主语she是主动的关系,因此使用现在分词occupying

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