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lookup造句短一点急用Interfaces to support registration and lookup.接口来支持注册和查找。

用lookup造句You can lookup new words in the dictionary.

用“Look up”造句有哪些?1、I looked your address up in the personnel file . 我在人事档案里找到了你的地址。 2、I'll try to look him up, ask him a

用Lookup,bebornwith,payattentiinto,connectwith1.Please look up those new words in your dictionary.2.He is born with sweet voice.3

用look up造句要翻译It used to be this big,thick thing and you would go there everyday to look up and everything was in there。它过去是

lookover;lookup;lookfor;find;findout的区别look over; (医生)检查(身体)look up; 查字典look for; 寻找find;找到;发现find out 找出

用look up 造句,短一点的句子Look up into the night sky and this illusion begins to falter.抬头仰望夜空,这种错觉就开始站不住脚了Look up the tree ,

用Look up造句You can look up new words in the dictionary.

用“Look up”造句有哪些?if you don't know the word ,you can look up it in a dictionary.如果你不认识这个单词,你可以在字典里面查一下 he look

refer to与look up的区别和用法 例句refer to指的是参阅书籍,谈到或指的是 look up是查单词(而不是字典)struggle“奋斗,挣扎”campaign“人员众多的大型公众活动”

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