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有首英文歌的开头是i rEADy rEADy go 女生唱得 节奏感很强

i am 播放 歌手:christina aguilera 语言:英语 所属专辑:bionic 发行时间:2010-06-08

《兔子舞》该歌曲原名:penguin's game或《企鹅舞》Left Left Right Right Go Turn Around Go Go Go Left RightLeft Left Right Right Left Left Right Right Go Go Go Left Left Right Right Go Turn Around Go Go Go Jumping Grooving Dancing

Here for You - Kygo,Ella HendersonWe'll be passing byAnd they'll be wasting timeJust waiting for newAnd while they're chasing darksWe'll be dancing in the duskCause we're coming throughWhenever you need me I'm behindI promise to take you

lady go! 幸田来未

I Have A Dream - WestlifeI have a dream a song to sing我有一个梦,像一首要唱的歌To help me cope with anything帮助我排除万难If you see the wonder of a fairy tale如果你看到童话中的奇迹You can take the future even if you fail就算你失败,你也

就叫ready to go,不知道你要的是不是这首,很好听的,有中文版和英文版

Stay Here Forever jewel Oh(Oh) Oh(Oh) Oh Oh I'm laying here dreaming, Staring at the ceiling Wasting the day away The world's flying by our window outside But hey baby thats OK This feels so right it can't be wrong So far, as I can see Where you

《let it go》歌词The snow glows white on the mountain tonight;今晚白雪在山上闪烁Not a footprint to be seen;一个脚印没有A kingdom of isolation;与世隔绝的国土And it looks like I'm the queen;我就像是一个皇后The wind is howling like this

Cher Lloyd的Swagger Jagger

你看一下是不是Kelly Sweet的《Ready for love》,歌词如下:Kelly Sweet - Ready For LoveWhen love calls your nameAnd whispers you're the oneWhen all you've ever dreamedDances like stars around your heartAnd finally I hold the chanceTo

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