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he story takes place in a mythical viking world where a young viking teenager named "hiccup" aspires to follow his tribe's tradition of becoming a dragon slayer. after finally capturing his first dragon, and with his chance at finally gaining the tribe's

驯龙高手2(3也好看,但还没上映);守护者联盟;超能陆战队;海底总动员;玩具总动员系列;小王子;疯狂动物城;僵尸新娘;鬼妈妈;勇敢传说;丁丁历险记;天才眼镜狗;功夫熊猫1;精灵旅社;鼠来宝系列;驯龙骑士(有点像驯龙高手);里约大冒险等,还有个真人电影也不错,好像是叫 龙骑士,也有一点点像驯龙高手

关祝 VX 大大影娱 或者 诺言诺语 回复名称即可观看 望采纳

驯龙高手1beijing island young little hiccup is tribal and great rick's son, he is very like his father personally slew a dragon, the dragon is the vikings herding sheep on the island's main natural enemies - but every time he appears in the tribal slew a


As much fire-breathing Lassie as a King Kong with wings, Toothless is the most misunderstood dragon to ever terrorize a Viking village in How To Train Your Dragon.Toothless's “Timmy” is town misfit Hiccup (voiced by Canada's Jay

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